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Wedding Packages

Every wedding is unique. That's what I love about weddings. Our wedding videography packages are just a jumping off point. You decide what is important to you and how much you would like to invest. We can go over the details to make sure you end up with the perfect package for you!

The Portrait

The Portrait film is unique and beautiful. Instead of using audio, this film tells an incredible story through the use of authentic visuals and music.


3 - 4 minute Highlight Film
2 Cameras
1 Videographer
7 Hours of coverage

Custom Wedding Website

The Story

The Story Film captures the heart of who you are as a couple. This film weaves together audio, visuals, and music to fully transport you back into every emotion from your day. This is our most popular film and collection.




5 -6 minute Highlight Film
3 Cameras
2 Videographers
7 Hours of Coverage
Raw Footage Edit
Teaser Film
Custom Wedding Website

The Journey

Relive every single moment from your day. This collection includes a longer Story Film along with your full ceremony and speeches, drone footage and a raw footage edit of the entire day.


7 - 8 minute Highlight Film
4 Cameras
2 Videographers
Teaser Film
8 Hours of Coverage
Drone Footage
Raw Footage Edit
Full Ceremony and Toasts

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 1.10.54 PM.png
Add - ons

Rush Teaser

Super 8mm

Additional Hours

Also available for

Elopements &

Destination Weddings

Let's have a chat!

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